Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 7

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No, spirits are not with me, sorry Don.

Ah, here we go, some of the most hated Bleach characters that I have been forced to watched throughout the entire series. This series will be a little mean but its all based my personal feelings so if I mention a character you love, sorry!. I figure after blogging about some of my most beloved characters, I think it would be fun to talk about the hated ones so let’s get it started. 

#7 Don Kanonji

Here we go, Don Kanonji, making the list at number seven. He is simply an annoying character to me throughout the entire Bleach series despite the writers attempting to make him comedic relief. Know I know its an anime, its meant to be fun and generate laughs throughout the main plot of the series, but he was just awful. This guy was just loud, kind of aggravating at times, and find himself on my list.

Probably one of the most annoying arcs with him is during the Hueco Mundo arc when the series had the filler episodes that went back to Karakura town. Kanonji put together a team called the Karakura-Raize team, a team of minor characters in the series, that were in charge of destroying minor hollows to protect the town. It was a painful few fillers to get through, Kanonji was at his worst, but we at least got Kon to help guide us through it all.

I know he is a fan favorite, he’s meant for comedy, but a failing TV star that always seems to get in the way of Ichigo and crew, just doesn’t rate highly for me and finds himself on this list. Sorry if your a fan of him, but he is just a bad entertainment attempt by the writers in the series.

Side note, when Kanonji reveals his show is in decline later on in the series I did laugh.


2 thoughts on “Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 7

  1. Oh I agree, they always seemed to drop him throughout each season and he never got any better. There are more annoying characters to come, stay tuned.

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