Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 6

Image result for makoto kibune

What worse, this guy, the arc he was in, or the glasses?

Number six on the list comes right from the anime in the awful filler series about Captain Amagai and the betrayal of the new captain. Meet third seat officer Makoto Kibune. 

#6 Makoto Kibune

Sigh, the filler arcs are always rough to watch and this filler with the new Captain Amagai is among the worst of them. Amagai is the new Captain of Squad 3 and Kibune, who has been working with him in the past, joins the division as the third seat, challenging Kira and those around if he is fit to be the number two under Amagai.

To save time in this blog, here is a quick plot synopsis: Amagai and Kibune betray the Gotei and have an all out war where Kira is forced to take Kibune down, showing his ways and yearning for power are wrong (just saved you a lot of time there). Kibune’s zanpakuto is just a giant blade that he can fling around with speed, which is not that impressive and Kira uses Wabisuke like a boss to double its weight several times to slow him down. Of course Kibune tries to cheat his way out, but Kira does end up killing him and Amagai’s plot fails (and dies, thank goodness).

The arc is a short one and takes place before the end of the anime, but its a painful one no matter how lon git is and a character like Kibune makes it worse. Kibune is portrayed to be a smart, cunning and powerful warrior, but once he is ousted, he is defeated quickly and proves just to be another punk the animators threw together to fill up time. I hated the filler and he was one of the most annoying characters (along with Amagai of course).


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