Reaction: Rogue One is Epic

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Don’t mess with a blind monk.

So, I went today to see the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. I entered the theater having a basic knowledge of the plot and knew what the story was about (stealing the Death Star plans). After watching it though, even knowing what I did, I was still blown away. This reaction won’t have spoilers, just a general reaction to the great movie. 

Where to start with this one without giving away too many secrets? Well, if you are not aware of the plot, which has been out there in previews, interviews, etc. is the group, with the designation Rogue One, is off to steal the Death Star plans to help save the Alliance. Jyn Erso’s Dad, Galen Erso, designed the might battle station, so the Alliance wants to use Jyn because of her connection. There, only plot material I will give away.

The film itself is beautiful. From the uniforms, to the fights, to the incredible space battles, everything is so well done. If you like hand to hand combat, you will love it. Love the X-wings and Star Destroyers battling it out? Get ready. Love Vader, oh man, GET READY. This film has everything for both the casual fan or the die hard fan. Its just that damn good.

What this movie did was expand the story line with characters that are never mentioned in further episodes. This film is amazing because unlike the other films, this one stands by itself and does not rely on the others. For example, Empire Strikes Back relies on New Hope, and so on. This one does not rely on any of the other films. Its plot develops under its own power and leads viewers on an epic ride.

Ugh, I could go on and on about this film, but you have to go see it for yourself. This film is simply amazing and at least to me, ranks about the top of all the films in the franchise’s history. It may even rival Empire Strikes Back, yeah, I went there.


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