Ranking the Star Wars Movies: Number 8

Image result for attack of the clones

“I call it aggressive negations” No, I call it awful acting and script writing.

Here we go, ranking the Star Wars movies, starting with the worst one in the series to the best. There are seven Star Wars movies, Episodes I through VII and of course, Rogue One. Here we go, number 8 in this list, Episode II, Attack of the Clones. 

Ah, Attack of the Clones. The second of the prequel movies and honestly one of the worst films around. Yes, we get to see the Clone Army in action, we get more Jedi fighting (and many dying) including Mace Windu and even Yoda, but my lord, this film is the worst thing in the entire series. But why, why is this one the worst?

Alright, let’s start with the known knowledge that the prequels are rough. We were brought up and spoiled by the original Star Wars series and then we were given this mess. A series of CGI movies and back acting but out of all the prequels, this one is by far the worst. Let’s start with the awful CGI in everything. Its awful. Then we get down to the acting. I’m talking about Hayden Christensen as Anikan. His acting was so, so bad in this movie. He was awkward in his acting, he was a statue when it came to engaging with everyone, and was just a disappointment.

Overall the acting and writing for this entire movie was just bad. Natalie Portman and others had awful lines just piled up from the start of the movie and its what really killed this movie. Yes, we did get the Clone Army rising up and the beginning of the Empire, but fancy CGI does not help out at all. And then we have the Obi-Anikan fight vs. Dooku, good lord what a mess. This film was a failure from the start so this is where my series starts. Buckle up!

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