2017, let’s make this happen

Image result for happy new year 2017

2017 begins tomorrow. It’s beyond cliche to laugh at New Year’s resolutions and many laugh at them. Then there are those who will mock those who mock those who talk about resolutions. Well, I don’t care, I have several of them and want to archive them to the internet because I need a kick in the ass to get 2017 started right.

One, make Japan happen. Enough is enough. I’m 30, turning a new page in life and need to explore at least another corner of the world. This year will be the year it goes down. Again, this is an archive and message to myself. Get going already!

Second, get healthy. I need to cut down on the Chic-Fil-A runs for lunch, cut down on the cokes, and just get into better shape. I want to lose some weight, hit the weights hard, and get back into a better shape. I’m not setting huge goals like lose X amount of pounds or be able to run a 5K in X amount of time, just time to get in better shape overall.

Lastly, and more simple, clean out my apartment! I have stuff stored around the house that no longer has a use here. I will be condo/apartment hunting by the end of the year and need to do a purge of the place. The house is clean (not a hoarder!) but there is stuff that needs to be thrown away. For example, I still have an old all-in-one computer in the closet that died a few months ago. It’s just sitting there. Time to clean it out and make room.

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