Speak out

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I’m keeping another political blog short and simple, speak out. There is a lot going on out there, there is a lot of anger towards policies, towards ideas, and towards what is going on. Take that energy and turn it towards your representatives, be heard! Call, email, write, tweet, etc. to your Senators and State Representatives. Speak up, they are in power because we voted them into power. They are suppose to be our voice, so be heard and make them listen. It’s how our democracy is suppose to function, so be heard.

End rant.


Have to say something

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I try to stay out of politics, I really do. I mean, this blog is Japan travel, top seven lists, and a bunch of Bleach and other goofy stuff. Nothing really serious on here and I’m sure anyone reading the blog on a regular basis thinks of it as just a fun hobby, which it is. With that said, I felt I had to say something about what has been going on with the new President. I know my words carry little weight, but after seeing, reading, and talking about all that has gone down since Friday, I have to get this off my chest.  Continue reading

New Star Wars Movie has a name!

Finally! The next Star Wars film, Episode 8, which is scheduled to be released in December, finally has a name! The Last Jedi! There we go, we have a name and the new banner for the movie with the evil looking red lettering.

So what does it mean? Well, let’s try to dig into a banner as much as possible. The term Jedi is both plural and singular, so it could mean there is one last Jedi or there is a group, making them the last of the Jedi. All we have right now is Luke and Rey (maybe Finn). We know Luke taught the new Jedi academy before Kylo killed everyone, so maybe there are some survivors out there, or it may just be Luke and Rey. A lot of folks are speculating this means Luke could be killed in this movie, leaving Rey as the last Jedi, but as my good friend Jon pointed out, the Star Wars movies probably planned to take away the old characters throughout the new episodes, starting with Han in the first (spoiler). Now with Carrie Fisher gone (RIP), they could push Luke’s fate to the next film. They will have to find a way to take away Princess Leia’s character in the film so I doubt they would get rid of two of the original characters.

Outside of this, we have nothing but guess work and pure fandom for the upcoming movie. I mean, we probably won’t get the first trailer until May so until then, this is the best we have.