Big year ahead

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Here we are, 2017. The New Year is here and there are a lot of resolutions being thrown around. I did a quick post the other day with some of them (get in shape, get house in order, Japan, etc.), but I forgot to add a resolution for this page.

This blog has been beyond inconsistent and there is no one to blame except myself. I have tried several formats, used different ideas for it, but have been all of the place, making it hard to keep a proper group of readers. The blog has a lot of followers, over 150 subscribed to it and being inconsistent to those folks is all on my shoulders.

I’m going to push myself to get at least one blog on this page each day, even if its a short one, I want to be a consistent blogger. 2017 is a big year for me as a writer. I am about to launch a massive sports blog by next week which will take a lot of time, but this one is not going to suffer for that. I do have blogs stacked up and ready to go for a nice little inventory. And as always, if you know this blog, it tends to react to news and big events and with what is coming in 2017, there will be plenty to talk about.

Buckle up. I have big goals for this blog and can’t wait to hit some lofty numbers for this blog.


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