Ranking the Star Wars Movies: Number 7

Image result for revenge of the sith

Still bad.

Ah, the prequels continue as I rank my Star Wars movies as we come to Revenge of the Sith. This is the third of the prequel movies and while it was an upgrade over the Attack of the Clones, it was still bad.

We all agree Attack of the Clones was the worst, but this one was right behind it. Revenge of the Sith is all about the journey of Anikan becoming Darth Vader and the Emperor wiping out the Jedi as the war continues across the galaxy.

Once again, the writing and acting are still pretty bad. Hayden Christensen is better, but trying to be a tough guy and changing the tone of his voice is awful. Natalie Portman is meh (still gorgeous though) and the overall acting is still just not that great (along with the writing). The characters just always felt faker than fake and it was rough to watch.

I think the best thing about this entire movie is the slow decent for Anikan into Vader and to see how his mind was warped by the Emperor. Vader wanted to save his wife and bring justice to the galaxy, but as the Jedi had always preached, the Dark side would only lead to more pain and anger. The Emperor uses this and we see what was once a rising Jedi, slowly descend into the Dark side without even knowing it.

We also get to see why Anikan was placed inside the iconic black suit of Vader after Obi-Won owned him in their last fight. Seriously, he had the high ground, why the hell would you even attempt that stupid move. It was a fun journey to see and answered questions as to why he was like that from the start. Again, it was not a great movie but an upgrade over the past. Yoda losing his fight was bad, Anikan killing Padme was pathetic, and of course, Jar Jar was in it, so it still has to be a bad movie.

The prequels are bad but this one was at least better and did give us the birth of Vader, the end of the Republic and explained what happened to Yoda, Obi-Won, and the other Jedi. At least it was an “upgrade” right?


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