Ranking the Star Wars Movies: Number 6

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Moving up the ladder on the Star Wars movie list as we come to the first movie of the prequels, the Phantom Menace. Yes, the first of the prequels is the best of them and this is just where I stand on this debate. 

Ah, the first movie of the entire series, or how the episodes are titled. We get the first appearance of Obi-Won, Qui-Gon Jinn, and how the entire galaxy began its war with the droid armies beginning to revolt and how a small senator named Palpatine rose to power in the Senate.

The prequels are bad, real, real bad but at least this movie has its moments to make up for some meh acting and even more meh writing (sensing a trend for the prequels now). For starters, it was the first movie to get the entire story started. The original movies were great, but for the casual viewer we had no idea who the Empire came to be and how it all started. This movie at least gets the elaborate plot started as the Jedi and Sith are brought into the story.

Yes, this movie gave us Jar Jar, but aside from that disaster of a character, we did get the plot and one hell of a light saber fight at the end. No seriously, its one of the better fights in the series to this date. Sorry, old Vader and old Obi Won shuffling around is not an intense fight. Again, I have to state, this movie is not that great. The writing is a bit jumpy, the acting is meh at best at times, but the fighting at the end makes it pretty good. There is action, there is plot setting, and in the timeline it starts it all so have to give this movie some credit. This is why its ranked number 6 on my list.

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