Ranking the Star Wars Movies: Number 4

Image result for the force awakens daisy ridley

Number 4 in my top Star War movies is one of the newer movies, the Force Awakens. To me, it ranks higher than some of the older movies just because of its graphics and the story line for it, even if its close to the last ranked film, a New Hope.

Ah the blockbuster that came out last year, the Force Awakens, continues the Star Wars franchise as we enter a new era in our favorite galaxy. It was an epic movie that not only re-launched the series, it did it with a bunch of young and exciting characters.

This movie had so much hype and honestly, it lived up to it. We got old characters like Luke, Han, and Leia. We also got Poe, Finn, and Rey as the newest generation of heroes comes into the Star Wars universe. Yeah, we had emo-Kylo in there, but he is going to be interesting and we got the newest supreme enemy in Snoke. There is a lot of mystery around him and The First Order, just adding to the plot and making it wide open for so much next year.

This movie has a lot going for it. The incredible battles (seriously, Poe is the best damn pilot in the galaxy), humor, and some great acting and story writing. Plus, Daisy Ridley is a kick ass actress and gorgeous as well.

Yes, this movie nearly follows the same story line as a New Hope (the hero’s journey), but its different because there are so many unknowns going into this movie. I mean, did anyone expect Han to die and Luke to appear in the last seconds of the movie without one line of dialogue? Nope, no one saw that and it made for a great movie.

This was a fun movie and it ranks high on the list of the franchise. But, it is not the highest, not by a long shot. Stay tuned as the list continues.


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