Ranking the Star Wars Movies: Number 3

Image result for return of the jedi

Ah, getting to the top of the list as we come to the third best Star Wars movie of the franchise history, Return of the Jedi. This film was so amazing the first time I watched it and its still ranks among the best to me. 

The movie that originally ended the series ranks third on my list. Return of the Jedi is the story of Luke facing down Darth Vader as the chosen one (Vader) finally lives up to the prophecy that was learned about back in the prequels and does bring balance to the force.

This movie has it all. Light saber fights? Check. Comedy? Check, just watch the Ewoks and that story line. Space battles? Uh, yeah, seeing a Super Star Destroyer go down and another Death Star blasting the Rebel fleet, it’s glorious and watch to watch. Also glad to see Wedge leading his own squad in the movies.

This movie was a great way to end the series at its time. We got the conclusion with Vader, the Emperor, and Luke while seeing the Rebels win their war (at least at that point). I liked it more than the New Hope movie because it was again the hero’s story, but had more grit to it as the hero of the series had to face so many long odds and an uphill battle both against Vader and the Emperor. My favorite part is the space battle above Endor. I mean, A-Wing, B-Wings, Super Star destroyer, the Death Star shooting down the Rebel fleet, it was fun to watch. It was all fun, even if the Empire was taken down by angry midget bears on a backwater forest moon.

So here we go, the top two movies as I see them in the series are up next. The way the final two stack up may surprise a few people, but I think I have sound reasoning how I rank the. Stay tuned.


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