Why Japan

Image result for tokyo at night

I’ve probably written this blog several times now over the past few attempts to organize this trip. So, I am hoping this is the last time I write this, these are the reasons why I want to visit Japan. 

Japan is simply an incredible country in my eyes. It’s culture is so rich that I can’t help but want to visit it. From its history to its incredible tech, society, customs,  and more (food, art, media, the list will never stop growing for me), it just appeals to me from so many angles. It’s a bucket list type of thing for me. From bustling Tokyo or the ancient capital of Kyoto, I am intrigued by all of it.

Then of course is my blood line, I am part Japanese, and I do want to visit a country that I am related to. I know its a distant part of my heritage, but its something I am proud of and want to see for my own eyes.

Japan is just something I want/need to do before I get any older (30 is old, trust me). I may be traveling solo (more on that later), but no matter the odds, I want this to happen. Enough excuses, no more BS, this is going to happen or I’ll be damned. Time to get it done and accomplish this goal.


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