Search for MH 370 Suspended

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It’s been three years, hard to believe.

It’s hard to believe its already been three years since MH 370 went missing over the Indian Ocean and to this day, the wreckage has never been found. And now after searching the oceans and scanning the sea floor, the search has been suspended

Three years ago news broke about a Boeing 777 that simply vanished off the radar. It began a massive search involving several countries and hundreds of ships and planes being sent out to find the lost flight, but they never did. The flight vanished with information lacking. The flight pattern had changed, the tracking system had gone offline, and all the searchers were left with was a mountain of theories. I mean the missing flight was breaking news on CNN for weeks despite nothing new being added to the mystery.

Now the search has been stopped with nothing but a few pieces of debris being found far west of the search area. How and why did the plane go down? It could be we will never really know the full story which is heart breaking for the families of the 239 people that were lost when the plane vanished.

There are a lot of theories out there, but we just have no idea why the plane went down and where its resting.

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