Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 5

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Behind you.

Getting back to some Bleach! At number five is a poor Arrancar that was created for one purpose in his entire life, to serve Aizen in combat to take down one opponent. With that said, I just didn’t like the character no matter what his sad roll was in the series. Says hello (if he understands it) to Wonderweiss Margela. 

#5 Wonderweiss Margela

Ah, the 77th Arrancar created by the Hogyoku and Aizen, was designed for one purpose for the evil leader, to take out the flames of Captain Yamamoto. Aizen understood that Captain Yamamoto could take him down with his insane power, so he needed a fool-proof plan to take out his fire and thus Wonderweiss was created.

Wonderweiss was created with a low IQ, slow reaction speed when talking normally, and a lack of intelligence. When he was created, even Tosen felt pity for the creature because he was forced to sacrifice everything just to do Aizen’s bidding (oh, more on Tosen later in this series).

The only interesting thing about Wonderweiss was his ability to fight. I mean he took out Kensei, Mashiro, and Ukitake in just a few moves while taking some shots from them. He did take down Yamamoto for a bit, but the old man was able to use raw strength of finally kill him in the end.

I hated Wonderweiss because he was simply a cheap plot device to take down the head captain for Aizen’s gain. I mean, I get it, Aizen is the master and plans for everything, but creating a brainless creature that could fight for some reason was not that great and I was glad when the old man was able to flex and take him down. Welp, onto the next one on this hate list.



2 thoughts on “Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 5

  1. I’d have to agree. I get the necessity of a character or something that could beat or at least neutralise him, but Wonderwiess was such a pathetic character to watch you never wanted him to suvive. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for reading! Yeah, Wonderweiss to me was just a plot device that happened to get a lucky punch in on Uktitake. I was glad when Captain Yamamoto beat him down.

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