What are food costs in Japan?

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This quick blog is more of a question to those who have traveled to Japan than an actual update post. I am trying to prepare a budget and want to get an estimate of food costs in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, and possibly Kyoto). The trip will be 9 days in total, which includes the travel days, so I am estimating 27 meals (9 days, 3 meals a day). Of course there will be vending machine grabs for a quick snack of drink, etc. that will be extra, but I think 27 meals is a good starting point.

As for the amount per meal? Well this is where I did some help. I am estimating $15 per meal, bringing the food budget for the trip to $405 (27 * 15) and pushing it towards $450 to be overly prepared in case something costs extra or I want to buy something else. I want to be overly prepared so I don’t run out of money and come up short!

So my question is to those who have traveled to Japan, are the numbers good estimates? I know some meals will be cheaper than $15, but again, I’m trying to be overly prepared and want to price everything high and not come up short.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “What are food costs in Japan?

  1. I was there last year.
    I can not tell you too much about breakfast costs since ours was included with the hotel.

    For dinner most of the times we had a bowl of soup. It was a BIG bowl, most of the times we could not finish it, it was so filling, it had noodles, veggies and meat, all for around $15.

    I was actually surprised how affordable the food was. I think your estimate is about right. 👍🏻
    Truthfully, I found Switzerland more expensive than Japan.

    You will have such a great time! Safe travels.

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