Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 4

Image result for szayel aporro granz

For a scientist, he didn’t plan on this happening.

Ah, another Arrancar make the list in my hate countdown. Unlike Wonderweiss, this one is highly intelligent, beats down several characters, but at the end of the day, is nothing more than a failed scientist. 

#4 Szayelapporo Granz

Granz is the number eight Arrancar under Aizen ans is the scientist of the group, performing bizarre experiments on others and manipulating his own body to better prepare himself for combat. Sounds great and it works for a bit. He does take down Renji and Uryu in his lair, but its a trick. His lair stops Renji from using his bankai which could have wrecked him. It’s really a cheap trick against, showing he doesn’t have the power to go one on one with Renji.

Granz talks big and his ability to poison others and take out an opponents organ is quite great, until he takes on a real scientist like Mayuri. Granz makes the stupid mistake and the pompous mistake to declare he is the definition of perfect.  This leads to Mayuri’s greatest speech and puts this hack in his place:

I’m glad he got to take on Mayuri, he was the best person to take down. I mean, this guy though he was a god, he had to be taken down. He fought like a coward and boasted that he was the best around until he got a taste of his own medicine. Thank you Captain Mayuri for putting this coward in his place and doing it with such a sadistic fashion.

2 thoughts on “Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 4

  1. I really liked the fight between Granz, Renji and Ishida because I think it’s a good moment for Renji and Ishida even if they don’t exactly triumph. But I definitely hated Granz as a character and really enjoyed watching Mayuri defeat him.

  2. It was a rare match-up with two opposite characters and two that had never worked together before. I think Mayuri was the perfect guy to take him down in the end.

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