Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 3

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Number three on my list is a captain and one of the most annoying in the series (although some love her for some reason). I’m talking about Captain of Squad 2, Soi Fon. 

#3 Soi Fon

Where to start with her. Soi Fon is the Captain of Squad 2, which is the stealth force of the Gotei 13. Problem is whenever they are deployed, they usually end up destroyed and she herself is not the best at dealing with brutally strong enemies. She is often overwhelmed by enemies and her attitude doesn’t help things out. She even hates to use her bankai, which is a giant missile launcher, the complete opposite of stealth. I get why she hates using it, but never wanting to use it in combat when its your power, that’s just foolish.

I think my real reason of hate for her is her love/hate relation with Yoruichi. For someone so devoted to her, which hits obnoxious levels, she hates her for only selfish reasons. Yoruichi was forced to leave the Gotei because of Urahara. Soi Fon resented her for over 100 years yet when its time to face her old master, she just cries and complains,  becoming a baby and looking so weak (as she really is). She held a personal grudge, doesn’t do anything about it, instead crying and playing servant to someone who is not in the Gotei anymore. I mean, seriously, you are a captain, yet you take orders from someone who is technically an enemy at the start. Yeah, real bright.

Yet when her old master is not around, Soi Fon puts on her tough face and acts cruel and rude to everyone even Omaeda, no matter what he does (her lieutenant). No matter what he does, she always beats him up and never shows him any sign of respect, even when he does his job. You go from captain hard ass to crying and sniveling when you see your old master, dropping everything for her? Ugh, she is just the worst.


4 thoughts on “Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 3

  1. Her style is ok, her fighting ability is not the best. I just can’t stand her attitude and how she treats people. She acts so tough to Omeda yet grovels to Yourichi. Sigh, just not a fan.

  2. I really like Soi Fon because of her contradictions. She’s hilarious. And I love her fighting style and the fact that she doesn’t try to use her bankai (in honesty other than Hitsuguya’s and Ichigo’s, I don’t like many of the bankai’s because they just get so big and silly). But I appreciate that some people find her kind of annoying.

  3. See to me she is just a weaker Yoruichi who tries to act tough but fails consistently. I get why she hated her Bankai, but just her overall personality is what annoys me with her.

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