Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 2

Image result for fullbringers bleach


So this one is not a single person but a group of trash that was such an awful way to end this anime series. Yes, I’m calling out the Fullbringers and the trash they brought to the series. 

#2 Fullbringers and their arc

I will make this real short, I hate them. Ginjo (TRASH), Jackie, Giriko (THANK YOU KENPACHI), Yukio (PUT DOWN THE GAME BOY), Riruka, and of course the beloved Tsukishima (YOU ARE A JOKE), I hate them all and this entire arc. The end of Bleach anime was a bit stained because of these guys. Their plan was a joke, their powers were pathetic, and it was so annoying to watch them try to stand up against the Gotei. I mean, Kenpachi cut Giriko in half within a second and was bored. They were a really poor attempt at creating a new threat, instead, they were a bunch of pathetic cowards that used a flawed plan from the start.

I won’t spend any more time on these pathetic excuses of characters and just rate them at the top of the list of awful characters that I hate in the series.


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