Have to say something

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I try to stay out of politics, I really do. I mean, this blog is Japan travel, top seven lists, and a bunch of Bleach and other goofy stuff. Nothing really serious on here and I’m sure anyone reading the blog on a regular basis thinks of it as just a fun hobby, which it is. With that said, I felt I had to say something about what has been going on with the new President. I know my words carry little weight, but after seeing, reading, and talking about all that has gone down since Friday, I have to get this off my chest. 

I’ll be out front with this right from the jump, I didn’t vote for this new President (and yes, I am referring to his title, not his name because I’m being petty here, but at least I capitalized the title of President). I didn’t like his policies, didn’t like his behavior (where to even start on that), and everything he represented I didn’t not want, stand for, and did not vote for.

My candidate lost, the new President was sworn in and to be honest, while I hated even seeing it happen, I accepted it because that’s how our democracy works. A lot of people were fearful and I get that, but as a good friend said to me, we will still get up the next day, still go to work, still pay our taxes, bills, etc. and nothing is going to stop that. And guess what, he was right. I paid my power bill the next day, bought groceries, and the world continued to spin. But as time as gone on this past week, what is transpiring in DC is bad, really bad and I’ve seen enough.

In my eyes, everything this new President has signed is either bad, geared towards subjugating another group, or has little merit or reason behind it. I could spend a lot of time covering each but for example to gut the Affordable Care Act right from the start. I get it, the ACA is not that good, it has a lot of issues, but to just suddenly take healthcare away from millions with no back-up plan, that doesn’t seem like a smart move. People may need healthcare, just an idea. Then there is the border wall that will costs billions to build, billions more to operate/maintain, and the endless laws (environmental for starters) it will violate is just a terrible idea and the fact American tax payers will have to foot the bill is even worse. Sorry, I would like to see my tax money go to infrastructure, schools, and other more important investments instead of an archaic symbol that wouldn’t work, but instead lead to more tensions. And if folks think Mexico will pay for the wall, the check is in the mail, I’m sure. Then, to cap some of the biggest issues is the silencing of scientists that work for the EPA, something that has forced some scientist to create rogue Twitter accounts. What? If the report is true that scientific results will have to be run by politicians before being made available, that’s even worse (just like shutting down the climate page on the EPA website). See, I just spent an entire paragraph on these issues and barely skimmed the surface (there are so many, just so many).

All of the orders/things he has already signed are bad and then we come to the man himself. Throughout the campaign, the soon to be President made the headlines for everything he said, did, or tweeted. It was crazy, insane, but people for some reason ate it up. They believed he was their voice, would make changes, and above all, would tone it down as he stepped into office, but that has yet to happen (and it won’t). For example, the man has not stopped talking about the size of the inauguration crowd, spending time sending his Press Secretary out to defend it, tweets on an unsecured phone about, and spent time during the first interview to again go against something that shouldn’t even be a big deal (plus the date on the photo he talked about was wrong). But, sadly, this issues that should not be big deals are to him. As another example, the illegal voters he claims all voted against him. It’s been proven by so many studies that this is not true, but the man who craves attention and to be the winner of all times, can’t let it go. He wants to conduct an investigation when even people in his own cabinet are guilty of the fraud he claims (being registered in two states).

So to me, through my eyes, we have a man that is not sound, needs constant attention, lies, repeats those lies, has filled his cabinet with questionable picks, has written executive orders that will cause issues for many, and we are just a week into this. This isn’t good, can we agree on that? His supporters are quick to defend his every step, but to me, I can’t defend his actions and I’m pretty sure I am not alone.

So what am I writing this blog? I am simply calling out to those who do not agree with him, are against his policies, or just feel he is not sound. Speak out, say something. Contact your representatives, I’m talking Congressmen and women, Senators, and other elected officials. Speak out against him. Remember, the office of the President is a symbol of the United States and its people, key being the people. The man stated he wanted to give the power back to the people, well I am taking him up to that and expressing my views. I can’t support what is going on. End of rant.