Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 1

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You stink.

Here we go, my most hated character of the Bleach series. Now I know this guy has fans and some love him (can’t wait for the fans to come after me too), but for me, he’s a joke and teaming up with Aizen proves my point. Meet the former Captain of Squad 9, Kaname Tosen. 

#1 Kaname Tosen

Ok, for fans of his, sorry, this is my list and this is where he ranks. The former Captain of Squad 9, Tosen always preached justice, law, order and that there should be no blood spilled unless necessary to uphold the laws of Soul Society (its why he hated Kenpachi so much). He was best friends with Komamura and seemed decent, but that was all an act.

Tosen had been in fact aligned with Aizen from the start, someone that wanted to destroy the old order, the ways he had sworn to protect, and put some other person at the top. Kind of defeats the purpose if you just do the same thing for your guy, hypocrite. I mean, for someone that was about order, you went with someone who was against order and wanted to create their own, not bright.

So, aside from being a hypocrite, a traitor, and a down right liar to Komamura and Hisagi, his powers were so weak. His zanpakuto, Suzumushi, did little and the bankai, Tsuishiki, just took away your senses, that’s it. Kenpachi was able to figure out in less than a few minutes and defeated it with a few blasts. Tosen got owned so badly in that fight and would have died right there if it were not for Komamura stepping in with his bankai.

Then we have his transformation into some kind of arrancar/shinigami hybrid where he is able to gain vision. He is literally some kind of bug and has gone 180 from when he is first introduced in the series. He was weak, gave into power, and had to be put down my Hisgai at the end. He can’t make up for it with some poetic speech before his death either, too late sucker!

So, there you have it, Tosen sits a the top of my hate list. I’m sure I’ve named someone’s beloved character in this series, but that’s your opinion and I’m proud to stand next to my ultimate decisions.



2 thoughts on “Top Seven Most Hated Bleach Characters: Number 1

  1. While I don’t hate this character, I get what you mean about him being pretty useless and his motives are highly suspect. Actually, a lot of the time I just kept forgetting he was even an issue and then he’d show up and it would be like ‘oh, yeah there was that other guy’. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Again, thanks for reading. He starts off high and mighty, but I think Kubo kind of just forgot about him. I mean even in Hueco Mundo, he is an after thought and plays second fiddle to Gin.

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