Fukushima in the news again

Image result for fukushima reactor levels

It happened back in 2011, but the Fukushima nuclear plant is back in the news again as the radiation levels have spiked to unusual levels. 

According to various reports, the camera that is stationed inside the reactor that is still being taken apart by TEPCO, read unusually high levels of radiation, some of the highest seen since the tsunami crippled the reactor and took so many lives. This camera, per reports, is designed to withstand a high level of radiation, but even it has struggled with some of the readings.

TEPCO doesn’t seem to be too alarmed and continues to state the readings they are getting are all within their control, but at this stage, I don’t think that’s 100% the truth. The numbers that are being reported are super high, above the normal readings, and are dangerous. I mean, higher than the initial collapse of the reactor? Yikes!

Japan and TEPCO having been working hard to contain everything, but there are still leaks in the area. Now why should the US care? Well, the leaking radiation can leak into a little body of water called the Pacific Ocean and the way currents go, it all leads to the west coast of the country. While it doesn’t affect anyone today or tomorrow, down the road, it could have a lot of devastating effects on the environment, something people in the country should be paying attention to.

Read the reports around the world, there is plenty going on during this crazy times we live in now.


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