Seeking advice

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Alright, throwing this to the internet for ideas. The USF Matt blog name just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. It works for my Twitter account but not for a blog title. I want to give it a fun, interesting name, but am coming up short on ideas. Thus, I am wanting to hear back from the readers to see what they think would be a good idea for a new name.

Would Musings of Matt work? Its catchy, matches the blog, but sounds a little weird (just seems like it to me). Seriously, muse is not a word that is used every day, so it sounds kind of strange but that’s just a random thought by me. Mind of Matt? Sounds decent, but reminds me of Mind of Mencia every time I write it down. I’m not sure how I could combine travel, Japan, news, and anime stuff into a single title. I’ve really hit a road block with this!

So please, I am looking for ideas for a really strong blog name for this page. All help is appreciated!

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