Sticking with the name

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So after some thought, I am going to stick with the blog name, The USF Matt Blog. The name of the blog has been up for a while and after some thought, I decided to stick with the name. It works for my social media presence and it’s simple enough. I looked into the Musings for Matt and Mind of Matt, but they have been taken already (no real surprise). The blog name is unique so it works for what I want to do with this little web page.

I’ve been neglectful of this blog, my Japan work, and just writing about what I want outside of sports. I am about to stop the sports stuff for good, once and for all. It’s too time consuming, not fun anymore, and simply, I just don’t have enough time or energy to keep track of everything that is going on for the the Bulls or Ducks (or even the local Tampa teams). Quite honestly, I’m getting old and love/passion for all of the college sports has kind of died down over the years, so yeah, a bit of a ramble there, but it’s what’s is going through my head.

I want this blog to become something special, so going to dedicate all that sports time into this thing to really get it going.


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