Walking Dead Returns Tonight!

Image result for walking dead rise up

Finally! After what has felt like 100 years, the Walking Dead is back from its long winter break. When we last saw the group, they had reunited at Hilltop and the group is eager to turn the tides against the Saviors.

The episodes that are coming up this season should be real good and action packed with Rick getting his mojo back (also his gun from Daryl). We will see Hilltop, Alexandria, and the Kingdom team up to take on Negan and his group of merry men. What I am most eager to see in this return episode is this new mysterious group that has been watching Rick and team. They are in some kind of junkyard and may have weaponized a walker. You know, the one covered in metal spikes walking up behind Rick in the quick trailers. That is bizarre and something I don’t believe was in the comics (to my memory).

A lot of people were critical of the first half of the season and ratings were down slightly. I think a lot of folks did not like seeing Rick and team beaten down so bad and losing Abraham/Glenn didn’t help. Well, did you think Negan was some push over and our heroes would have it easy? To me it was fun to see the mighty get taken back a bit. Rick and crew have it good compared to their past, but now, they are no longer the big fish in the sea.

So I’m excited and I know others are too. It should be a fun first episode and we might finally see the first strike against Negan and his forces. Happy watching!


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