Manic Monday blog series starting

Image result for manic monday

So, I’m getting more dedicated to this blog and in the process, I want to create a fully dedicated series together for it. With that said, I will start a new blog series that will be published every Monday called “Manic Monday” because Mondays tend to be on the crazy/tough side after a long weekend.

The blog series is probably going to be a little random, but hey, that’s what this blog is all about. It will likely be a collection of my thoughts on various topics. Probably some politics, some local events, and other things going down around the country and/or world. The series will likely evolve over time as I get more into it, but its something I want to do again as a sign of being more dedicated to this platform.

I said in my last sports blog on the other page, I’m done writing about sports. I will have more free time, so why not spend it on a project that is way more fun and rewarding.

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