Reaction: The Walking Dead “Rock in the Road

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The Walking Dead returned last night with the episode titled “Rock in the Road.” It was an interesting episode that set the table for the rest of the season. It will be Rick and crew looking for allies to go to war with the Saviors. The promotions were right, Rise is the new anthem for this second half of the season.

The episode started off on a weird note with Father Gabriel stealing supplies (their limited food and melee weapons) and driving off. No one is sure where he is headed, but he did leave Rick a message before leaving, so he is up to something.

Moving on to the bulk of the episode, we get to see where everyone stands when it comes to combat. The Hilltop will fight despite Gregory being a coward. Seriously, he needs to be taken out at this stage. This is great that they want to fight, but remember they have no guns and few numbers. Not enough for a war.

Jesus takes them to see King Ezekiel and its a great scene with Rick pleading his case of the King (we all love Jerry). Ezekiel wants to go to war, but is afraid of the cost. I found it interesting he turns to Morgan to ask for his advice. Morgan has really become a close ally to the King because I think both characters are very similar in their moral battles.

The big action scene is Rick and crew stealing explosives from a trap set by the Saviors to stop herds of the dead. They need the explosives for their war but when the walkers show up, Rick and Michonne go on a Fast and Furious style run with two cars and a large wire and well, there are a lot of walkers that get taken down. Its a great scene and gives us some action in an episode that is dialogue heavy. I’m sure fans will always complain about the long conversations they seem to always write in, but its how they set they table for the upcoming war.

At the end of the episode Rick and company come across this new mystery group that have a lot of numbers and even more firepower. Rick simply smiles as they get surrounded, seemingly confident he can turn them to his side or as if he has a master plan. Who is this group though? If I recall my comic knowledge there is no group like this. We have the Whisperers, but I doubt this would be them. It’s not Oceanside because this is some kind of junkyard with men in the group, so its not them.

The next episode is titled “New Best Friends” which is all about this new group. Are they friendly? Hostile towards Rick and crew? They seem like a cult and we also get to see the walker with the spikes sticking out of it, which should be real interesting.


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