Reaction: Man in the High Castle Season One

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So recently, I decided to watch the first season of Man in the High Castle, an Amazon Prime Series. The TV series is based on the book, but this blog is about the TV series and man oh man, what a fun first season that was. 

I have heard about the series in the past, but have never had Prime in the past or just didn’t get to watching it. But after talking with friends about series to watch that are good, someone brought up the Man in the High Castle as something that would be interesting to watch so I decided to give it a try. And man oh man, I was impressed with season one.

For a quick recap, the series is a different history line where the Axis powers beat the Allies in WWII and the Japanese and Germans now control the United States. The West coast is under Japan control while the majority of the country is under German control. Its a crazy concept, but the editors and everyone made it work so well. I mean, even the cars are correct with nothing by Volkswagens driving around New York City in the opening. Every detail is nailed down and creates a new world where the characters are forced to live and as the story begins, the resistance and the films are brought into it.

The premise of the series is there are a series of videos that are being moved around by the resistance that depict an alternative world. The first video shows the Allies winning the war, but to the characters, they can’t believe how this is possible. Where did these videos come from? How is this history even capable of taking place? Its a mystery and the Germans and Japanese want to make sure these videos are not viewed by anyone and will do anything to stop them.

Its a great series and I highly recommend it. The stories are all very complicated and woven together. One action affects everyone, no matter how small or big. It’s got action, its got a deep plot, and any fan of action/drama will love this series. I am already into season two and can’t wait to catch up on them all!


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