Top Seven Saddest Moments in Bleach: Number 7

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Time to get emotional with the Bleach series as we go through some of the saddest moments in the series. At number seven is a sad scene between two captains and a lieutenant in an epic battle. 

Komamura and Hisgai vs. Tosen

In the final battle against Aizen, Komamura faced off against his old friend, Tosen, in an epic battle that pitted two captains against each other. Komamura felt betrayed that Tosen left him, turning against his teachings, and going against everything he had fought for during his time in the Soul Society. Tosen had been twisted by Aizen, taking on a new view of justice and being seduced by the evil powers that Aizen had given to him. The battle is epic with the two sides battling it out, both taking blows while they battle it out.

As Tosen transforms and fully gives in to the evil powers, it takes his lieutenant, Hisgai, to finally end the battle, putting down the man that he used to admire and follow into combat. As Tosen began to die, he reflects back to Komamura and Hisgai about how sorry he was, he had wanted justice so much, he gave up on what he had originally stood for originally. He is remorseful, knows he screwed up, and Hisgai and Komamura forgive him despite the crimes he has committed against Soul Society and them.

It gets even sadder when Tosen is trying to live his last moments in peace with his comrades when Aizen cuts him down, not even allowing him to die on his own terms. Just another reason why you should never team up with Aizen, no matter what he promises to give you.

Now I know I stated I hated Tosen and I do, but this episode affects Komamura and Hisgai so much that it becomes very emotional. I feel for those two, not for Tosen in the end. Komamura goes into a rage that nearly kills him. Hisgai is broken after the battle, but must find a way to put it all together and focus his anger at Aizen and his team. Again, Tosen is not the key character here, its how his relationships with the others and their reaction that stirs the old emotions.


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