Manic Monday: Shopping in Tampa

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The weekend is never long enough and once again, the two days flew buy as I ran around town to get everything done. As I said before, the Manic Monday blog will be me ranting a bit on various topics and this one is on shopping in Tampa.

On Saturday, I decided to head down to Wiregrass mall to get some much needed shopping done for an upcoming business trip to New York in March. The drive down there is not that bad, but it seems no matter how light traffic is, it always takes forever to get anywhere in the Tampa area. I am preaching to the choir when it comes to driving anywhere in Tampa, but even driving up to Wesley Chapel, it took forever for what should be a simple stop. Sigh, sometimes you have to go physically to a store but man, but commuting in Tampa makes it a job.

Speaking of Tampa traffic, will they ever get done with the construction on Bruce B. Downs? It’s like the work on 275, it feels like its been going on for years, its close to being done, but as soon as its complete, they start a new project on it. Tampa is not a fun town to drive in, it can take an hour to go just a few miles. Trust me, we have all been there, and if it rains, forget about it. And our mass transit in the city…what mass transit?

And since is a Manic Monday, can we just talk about the weekend and the president taking another vacation? I don’t get it, that’s three weekends in a row, another rally that was strange to say the least, and more tweets aimed at the media. Can he just get to work? Signing EOs isn’t getting work done. Side note, SNL didn’t go after him this week with so much material being available. That’s interesting.

Aside from that, I hope everyone had a good weekend and is battling through this Monday so far.


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