Reaction: The Walking Dead Episode “Best Friends”

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Jerry continues to be the best.

The Walking Dead aired the second episode of the second half of season 7 titled “Best Friends” as Rick and his team made some new “allies” in their fight against the Saviors. It was a tough one for Rick and may have sent the group down a dark path. 

So Rick and the group were taken in by the Scavengers, a group led by a lady named Jadis. Seriously, how bad is her haircut? I get its the end of the world, but my god, get someone with steady hand to cut those bangs, but I digress. The group challenges Rick to a sort of gladiator fight against a walker named Winslow that is covered in spikes. Rick is injured, but kills the walker, gaining Jadis and crews trust to make a deal. The deal? They want weapons and Rick agrees to it. In exchange, they will help fight the Saviors. Its a high price, but they are willing to make the deal because they need soldiers for this fight.

I thought overall the part with the Scavengers was weird. They were not in the comics, so this is something the directors and writers have added freestyle and it was decent at best. They seem like a cult that lives in a junkyard and there is really no explanation to how they got there or how they have survived since the beginning of it all.

Then we get the part with Daryl, Richard, and his crazy idea to plot an attack on the Saviors and blame it all on Carol. I like that Richard wants to fight and he is right, they must strike fast, but his plot is not the best idea and when Daryl hears of it, he turns on Richard and leaves. The Kingdom is going to have to go to war soon, but King Ezekiel does not want to risk his people. I love that about him because he has mentioned he has sent people to fight in the past and has lost them, something that haunts him even now. Richard is probably going to get himself killed in the next few episodes, but he’s not a bad guy.

Some great parts were Daryl and Carol meeting for the first time in forever. Daryl doesn’t tell Carol what  happened to Abraham and Glenn which is interesting. Father Gabriel is not a traitor it turns out and actually saved Rick and crew at the hands of the Scavengers. And finally, Jerry continues to move up the popularity poll because he is flat out hilarious.

The next episode is titled “Hostiles and Calamities” which sounds like it could be a very action packed episode. We finally get to see Eugene with the Saviors, which should be interesting. We see Dwight on the war path after Daryl goes missing, so that should be interesting. We see Dwight destroying a house that could be Carol’s, but I did not see the cemetery in front so he may have found signs of where Daryl stayed at one time. Whatever the case, it should be fun as we get closer to war.

Side note, Rick and crew have to find weapons and Tara froze up when they asked her. I think she will spill the beans at some point and Oceanside is going to get drawn into this one way or another.


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