Reaction: Man in the High Castle Season 2

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So I just wrapped up season two of Man in the High Castle and it was quite the season. We finally got to meet the man, the plot developed even more, and we saw all of the stories continue to intertwine together in this overly complicated plot. It was a great season. 

So I won’t spoil it all in this quick break down, but man the second season does go off in a weird way as we continue to see the characters develop, the stories get more in-depth, and then of course, the movies play a key role as Juliana continues to be the center of it all.

In the Reich, John Smith becomes somewhat of a hero while his family falls apart back home. Joe comes to terms with his reality but his knowledge is not what it seems as the lies from everyone make it tough for him to figure out where he is really at. In the Pacific States, Frank gets in deep with the Resistance and makes a faithful decision at the end while Ed and Childan leave the area after their story gets darker and more insane with the Yazuka and Chief Inspector Kido battle it out.

Season two expands the world and the plot overall. The strangest part is with Trade Minister Tagomi who enters an alternate reality, a reality in the 60s where the Allies won and Juliana is married to his son. It’s out there, strange, and man it took me a bit to figure out what was going on, but the last episode makes it sense. The Man in the High Tower and those films are so important and for those who are not fans with Juliana because of her moves, bridges she burns, must understand she is a key to everything. In the last episode you will find out why.

And after the last last episode, make sure to watch through the credits in the last episode. There is a scene that will blow your mind with Tagomi and how season 3 could go (confirmed its coming). It is frickin incredible!

Season two was incredible to me. There is so much going on. There is so much drama from everyone, from those in power to those who are struggling to make it. The films and other realities are strange, but tie into all of this. All of the man characters are involved, minus the Marshall (I loved that guy). Some people die, one that I loved, but others make it and take up more power (KIDO!). So if you love season one, watch this season, enjoy and get ready for season three.


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