TBT: My First Car

Image result for 2003 kia sephia green

I used to drive a beast like this.

Memories on another Throw Back Thursday. This time its about my first car as a teenager, a 2003 Kia Sephia. Yep, it was a 4-cylinder beast that was my pride and joy growing up, but man, looking back, it was quite the car. 

Everyone remembers their first car. It was usually the parent’s old car, but no matter how old or what kind of car it was, it was yours and this is how my Kia was. It wasn’t the fastest car in the world, but it was mine and it gave me freedom to cruise around town. This was freedom that any teenager would love.

As a teen and when the Fast and Furious franchise (yep, I’m dating myself again here) was just starting, I wanted my little Kia to be the Supra that Paul Walker drove, but we all knew that would never happened. Instead, on a high school teenager’s budget, it became the Walmart special with neon lights, Lightning Audio Speakers, a cheap cold air-intake filter from Autozone, and a sweet muffler cover that made those 4-cylinders sound, well, awesome if you were that age. Looking back at it, it was a fun time but man, I shake my head now thinking back at how I thought that car was close to Fast and Furious style.

My fondest memories with that car are the countless hours hanging out with friends, working on the car or my fellow friends’ car, trying to make them look better, headed to Walmart to find something cheap to add, or just hanging out at someone’s house and being a teenager. Those were fun times.

So how’s that for a TBT, the first car I was able to call my own. It wasn’t a speed monster, but I did the best I could to make it feel like one!


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