Top Seven Saddest Moments in Bleach: Number 5

Image result for ginjo steals ichigo's powers
The 5th saddest moment in the Bleach series to me is when Ginjou steals Ichigo’s powers, leaving him in a heap in a very saddening moment at the end of the anime series. I hate the arc in general, but man, this was a very sad moment.

Let’s set this up, Ichigo had lost his powers after battling Aizen. Ichigo had given up on fighting the Hollows, until he meets with a guy named Ginjou, a member of Xcution and a Fullbringer, a human that has powers connected to a physical item. Ginjou explains to Ichigo he knows how to get his powers back and offers to train him.  Ichigo is excited to hear this, but its too good to be true.
The training works, Ichigo gets his powers back, and he begins to feel more like his old self until the Fullbringers turn their backs on him, taking his powers for their own use. Ginjou, a former Substitute Shinigami himself, wanted Ichigo’s powers so he could get to the Soul Society in a kind of revenge motive. He steals Ichigo’s powers as the rain begins to fall on the battlefield, leaving Ichigo on his knees and Uruyu watching, injured and unable to help. After all of his hard work and the chance of seeing Rukia and the others at least one more time, it was all gone as he had been betrayed.
This leaves Ichigo calling out to Ginjou, crying, and screaming. You see the hero of the series completely defeated. His powers are gone, the last chance he had to regain them are now gone and there is nothing he can do. His friends had their memories changed, Soul Society was not there, and it was a desperate moment. It was hard to hear Ichigo crying out like that. Even Ginjou said it was pretty sad to leave him like that. Ichigo does get his powers back almost a moment later thanks to Soul Society stepping into the mix to help him out, but that moment of him crying out, you have to feel very sad for him.

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