Reaction: The Walking Dead “Hostiles and Calamities”

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The Walking Dead aired its latest episode last night “Hostiles and Calamities” as the story focused in on the Saviors and two characters, Dwight and Eugene. It was a very interesting episode as two characters faced new odds and coped in different ways. 

Let’s start with Eugene. The mullet man is able to prove his worth to Negan and crew by showing off how smart he is and falling back to his old lies about being a true doctor. Negan and crew buy it and set Eugene up with a full apartment, food, beer, video games, and a full lay of the land. He can get what he wants as long as he proves his worth. The scene where he cuts in a supply line and just takes what he wants shows he is adjusting, knows his new rank, and is not afraid to use it because he knows he is Negan’s new friend so he can do just about what he wants.

I found interesting the wives that Negan sends to hang out with Eugene. They are sent to hang out with him and keep him company, but Eugene realizes that they are doing it against their will. In fact one of them, Amber, wants to simply die. Its a depressing moment to see but it shows how Negan simply controls everything and everyone in this place. Side note, Eugene instructing the Saviors to make the walkers into metal weapons is pretty brilliant and could be an issue for Rick and team when the war finally comes.

The second story is about Dwight and his failure to keep Daryl locked up. Its known that someone helped him and Negan suspects Sherry since she is missing as well. He sends Dwight after her, knowing that he will bring her back (its his ex-wife anyways). Dwight is locked in Daryl’s cell for a bit after getting the crap beaten out of him, but that’s about as bad as he gets it. Dr. Carson tries to reason with him, but this angers Dwight a bit, something that comes back to get him later.

Dwight heads to his old house, a place Sherry and he agreed on if they ever escaped to return to. Dwight finds Sherry’s wedding ring and a note saying she is sorry he turned out this way. Because Sherry agreed to marry Negan, Dwight became a pawn for Negan, twisting him into the dark character we have now. Sherry states its better to be out in the world with the fear of the walkers coming at any time compared to living with Negan. Dwight is sad and leaves the beer and pretzels he had promised before there. He returns and explains to Negan he had to kill her, again, protecting her, but in doing so, frames Dr. Carson who is quickly dealt with. We see Dwight will do anything to protect his wife, even framing the only medical doctor they had left.

Overall I thought it was a brilliant episode because we see two completely different characters and how they are able to cope in the Sanctuary. One is adjusting and probably scheming a way to get out (Eugene) and another battling his self and his next step (Dwight).

The next episode has the simple title of “Say Yes” and shows Rick and Michonne on the hunt for weapons and finding nothing but walkers and an old amusement park from the trailers. I wonder what that will be all about.


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