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So this is a blog about blogging. As redundant as it sounds, I wanted to put some thoughts together on my blogging, just a collection of my thoughts when it comes to writing and what goes through my mind when I sit down and begin putting together something. 

Let’s start with sports blogging. I have a love/hate for it. I love covering the teams, love keeping up with the stats and figures, and love watching the teams progress through the season. However, I hate the work that goes into it. Pulling stats, searching various websites, and spending time to review the numbers is time consuming and for no pay, its a labor of love that often doesn’t pay as much as I want it. Yet even as I say it can be a job, I always find myself wanting to do it.

I’ve started, stopped, and re-started blogging about USF and always seem to find myself wanting to just hang it up but then having fun watching a program succeed. An even over the past week or so the thought of a Rays blog has entered my mind. Why do I do this? I know its time consuming, but part of me enjoys it. Ugh, it’s a never ending battle in my mind when it comes to blogging about sports.

Then I come to this blog. At first it was all travel talk, planning, and such, but it never got going. I have always envisioned it to be a big, popular blog with a lot going on, but have just never been able to put my finger on its vision. I have started these top 7 series of blogs to add content to it, but as fun as they are, they are sustainable for the long run. They are a bit random and I am always second guessing myself when it comes to what to write next for them. The reaction stuff to the Walking Dead and the new series, Manic Monday, are solid and give my mind some peace knowing they are always going to be rolling out. Yet, even with standard blogs set, I still feel like this site can be more but I just haven’t found what that is yet.

So this is kind of me rambling about blogging in general. I’ve got this love/hate part of me when it comes to sports blogging. I would love to have just one platform to blog from, but I have tried that in the past and it was too messy. I want to stop sports blogging but always get that itch after walking away for just a few weeks. Finally, I always return to this blog, wanting it to be something big but never finding it.

Sorry if this blog seems random and all over the place, but as I said in the opening paragraph, its a hashing out of my thoughts.


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