Manic Monday: New York this week!

Image result for new york city at night

This is a short blog because its going to be a very hectic week coming up. Two days in the office and then its off to New York for a work conference. It’s work, but New York is quite the city and should be a nice change of pace from the usual 8 to 5. I am not looking forward to the cold temperatures though. There is a slight chance of snow on Saturday so this Florida kid wants to avoid that at all costs.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Mondays, even though we all wanted to stay in bed this morning. Just think, in two weeks (the 17th) it will be St. Patrick’s day, on a Friday. Even though 99.9% of people that celebrate the holiday are not Irish, its still something to circle on the calendar and can help you get through this week and into next.

Another note, I will have a blog post tomorrow that I am very excited about. After that, I am not sure how many blogs I will be able to post with said trip to NYC coming up. I will push to get some content out while on the road and may just talk about NYC in a few blog posts. Stay tuned.

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