Reaction: The Walking Dead “Say Yes”

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The latest episode of The Walking Dead “Say Yes” aired last night as Rick and Michonne went through the carnival of hell to get guns and food supplies while Rosita continues down a dark road. Here are my thoughts on the episode. 

Rick and Michonne took up the majority of this episode and it was great. We got to see the two act more as a couple, sharing romantic moments, but also working as a dynamic zombie killing group. Even when trapped in a car surrounded by the walkers, they are calm and collected. They have done this so much, it doesn’t phase them anymore. However, Michonne does show emotion after Rick nearly dies. She is so vested in him and their way of life that she cannot live without him.

Outside of their love story/walker killing (which was great), they found a ton of weapons and MREs that had been left behind by the military and that is apparent by the walkers that were soldiers. As Rick points out something had happened there a while ago because the soldiers are still carrying their rifles. The entire amusement park is odd because the placed seemed well supplied and was probably a shelter of some kind that the military had set up. Why are the soldiers dead? Could they have been ambushed at some point? Maybe, they are carrying their guns, so it appears they were killed and had no chance to fight back. Then there are civilians that have their hands bound, so where they prisoners or being detained? The set was so interesting and as I said before, zombie hacking was back and it was glorious.

The other story and possibly a darker one is Rosita. Rosita has been on a downward spiral since Abraham was killed and she wants to kill Negan, even if it kills her. She lashes out at Tara, confronts Gabriel, and in the end, takes a rifle that Rick brings back (one that is not given to Jadis and the junkyard gang), and recruits Sasha to help her kill Negan. Both agree its a suicide mission, but instead of waiting for Rick and his master plan for war, they want to act now. This could be a really bad idea.

Side note, Tara saying she needs to talk to Rick about something may mean we are going to get Oceanside back into this. They have numbers and guns, two things that Rick needs to get this war going.

The next episode is titled “Bury me here” which shows Carol finally moving and taking down some walkers. We also get to see the Kingdom guys and Negan dealing with the Saviors. I feel something will happen with Richard and the Saviors because he is simply on their list and each time the confrontations get more heated. Richard will probably get himself killed and draw the Kingdom into the war. Its about time!


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