New series coming to the blog

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A solution has been found.

Alright, this is how this is going to go, I’m putting all of my sports stuff into one blog, The Sports Corner. It will be a new series of blogs that I will post once a week, probably on Friday, that will be recapping all of my favorite teams: USF, Rays, Magic, Bucs, and any other big breaking news in the sports world. This has been on my mind for some time and I’m just going to go through with it.

So how will this work? For one, I’m dropping game previews. They require too much time gathering stats and readership of those blogs is pretty awful, its just something I have learned over the years. Instead, the blog will have a reaction to each team and its week. The post in general will talk some stats from the games, but overall, just a general feeling/reaction of what happened. For example, if the Rays get swept during the week, I can talk about a single player that did well before ripping into them. It allows me to keep track of all the teams I love, but also allows me to break away from so much time consuming work. Its a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

This method allows me to do two things. One, as I mentioned before, I can keep tracking of my teams and continue to blog about them, but now I will have everything under one blog roof.

Now, since I will be in NYC for the week, this series won’t start until next week (possibly Sunday if I have the time to post it right after the trip), but will start after that and will continue on a regular basis. I’m glad I’m making this choice moving forward.


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