North Korea at it again

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Well, once again North Korea has launched several test missiles into the ocean, raising concerns for both South Korea and Japan. However, this new wave of tests are even more alarming for the American bases in the Japanese islands. 

Per that report, it appears these missile launches were a test for any future attack against American bases in the Japanese islands. Time out, what? Yeah, it’s what I said after reading the report. North Korea is testing its systems if it ever wanted to start a war and that should scare some people.

The hermit kingdom has been forever pushing the United States and the UN, drawing more sanctions and even angering China, but these moves have done little to slow their progress towards long range missiles and possibly even nuclear weapons down the road. Now that they are stating what this test was for, I grow even more concerned, not only for what it all means, but for what the US can possibly do.

Let’s make it clear, I’m not a huge fan of our current administration (for plenty of reasons) and my faith in them in dealing with a situation like this is very low. I mean, the president spends more time on Twitter and watching cable news than anything else while is not out golfing. Since this report over the weekend, we have seen very little action or talk from the White House. Yeah, sure, they condemn the launches and the UN has said their peace, but its pretty clear those words don’t seem to phase N. Korea.

We should all be very concerned with what is going on over there. This is a dangerous country that is not only threatening two huge allies in the region, but more importantly, US bases in Japan. How will the administration handle it? I have my doubts it will be strong or even get through to these guys. Keep an eye on this news.


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