Short trip to New York

Displaying 20170310_133903.jpg

Despite a rainy/snowy Thursday, NYC was great.

So my quick business trip to New York is over today. I flew into JFK on Wednesday afternoon under 60 degree and sunny skies. By Thursday, as the image above shows, it was in the 30s and snowing as I headed to my work conference at Baruch College in Manhattan. Overall it was a short but solid trip. My hotel was great and walking distance to everything. I found NYC pizza, a NYC bakery, and I ventured to find Shake Shack before leaving and it is everything everyone has talked about. I enjoyed my Friday night in the city but as I pack up my bag on Saturday morning, I am eager to get home. NYC is and always will be amazing, but as I write this, its 19 degrees outside and its in the 80s back home. This Florida boy is eager to get to JFK and get back. Peace out NYC, thanks for being a great host city again.


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