Japan set to deploy largest warship

Image result for izumo ship

Tensions are high in the Pacific Ocean between many countries. The Koreas are always busy, China is always in dispute claims across vast areas of the ocean and islands, and now, Japan is stepping up its presence by deploying its largest ship to the region in a show of power. 

The Izumo is Japan’s largest ship. It is classified as a destroyer but is a form of aircraft carrier, but is only capable of launching helicopters (at this time). The Izumo is designed for anti-submarine patrols but will take place in the US war games scheduled for later this year after its tour through the Pacific ocean and after various stops.

So why is this so important? Well, as I mentioned before the entire region is constantly under tension because of the moves by various countries. Every one is watching each other and taking note of what the others do. So, for Japan to deploy its largest ship to the region, the first time since WWII that a ship has done so, is an eye opener for Japan’s neighbors. The ship is heading towards war game training but before that, it will cruise around, showing its power, a first for Japan.

The ship itself is not a traditional aircraft carrier, but can launch helicopters and is armed against anything. I would also imagine it will have some kind of escort craft with it. The ship, as stated before, its the largest in the Japanese fleet. It will soon have a sister ship, the Kaga, later this year after its commissioned.

I am always intrigued by world powers and how they display their force. And for me, being a fan of Japan, seeing them send their largest ship into a hostile area to show force is intriguing. I am sure China and others will not be happy to hear about this and I wonder what the overall goal for Japan is.


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