Manic Monday: Back to the Grind

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Well, back to Tampa! The short work conference in New York is over and its back to the weekly grind of the work week. To be honest, I am eager to get back into a regular groove. 

So the time change has been a bit of a pain, but being back home in my own house, my own bed, and back on my own schedule is so awesome. NYC was great and its a city that I do enjoy visiting, but man, being home is so great.

Sunday was a work day, getting the house in order and getting ready to get back to the work week. Essentially my weekend was burned after spending all day Saturday traveling and Sunday working, but getting back to a regular work week is welcomed. The work conference flow is a change of pace, but a regular schedule is going to be nice despite having a ton to do and my inbox being loaded with a ton of messages to get to.

Here is a side note from the work conference, being on the road, away from my regular computer and relying on spotty wifi from the work conference and the hotel, I was a bit off the grid. I was not able to read the most current news each day nor did I have the time to do so and I must tell you, it was kind of nice. I did not have time or access to the latest in politics, sports, or other events in the world. Even though I was in NYC, not having full time access or time to the news was actually kind of nice. I know I let the blog down a bit, but it was a nice break from all of the internet world, even for a few short days.

But enough about the break and regular work, the blog is back in action and I’m really hoping to get it going now that I’m back and there are no planned trips for a while. Time to get this thing going again after a week off!


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