Reaction: The Walking Dead “Bury Me Here”

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This was a very dramatic episode.

The Walking Dead aired its episode titled “Bury Me Here” last night and it was a very emotional episode as the Kingdom suffered two losses and Morgan, who had been a pillar of stability in Ezekiel’s eyes, finally snapped as his past came back to haunt him. 

Warning, tons of spoilers so stop if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Let’s start with Carol in this episode. She starts the episode off heading to the Kingdom looking for answers from Morgan. She is not satisfied with the answers she got from Daryl before and is still being haunted by the past. As much as she wants to let this all go, she can’t and I think she knows at some point the war will bring her back into the mix.

Now, to the bulk to the episode, we finally get to see the Kingdom face adversity starting with some crops beginning to fail a bit. While its bad, it is nothing compared to the Saviors and how they react when the tribute that they bring each week is literally a melon short. The Saviors are angered by this and it payback they shoot Benjamin in the leg, leaving the Kingdom folks to rush him away to Carol’s house (closest location for help), but it is too late to save him as he bleeds out. This is a turning point in the episode because Morgan had taken Benjamin under his wing, trained him in his martial arts, and had bonded with the kid. Now, like his own son Dwayne in the past, he is left powerless to do anything.

The real twist of everything is the entire thing was a set up by Richard. Richard, who had dug the grave earlier, had hidden the melon, hoping to escalate everything with the Saviors and had been prepared to die. He admits this all to Morgan and says that he can’t stay peaceful forever. They eventually make peace with the Savior group, but in a dramatic turn, Morgan snaps and attacks Richard, killing him in front of the Saviors. Morgan has flashbacks of everything, from his wife to the Clear episode, he is finally snapping back to all of the repressed memories he has. The Saviors see it as the Kingdom understanding what it has to do and Ezekiel and his people seeing the horror of what Morgan has done but also hearing how Richard had done all of this, showing how his people want to start a war. Lennie James is one hell of an actor.

The episode ends with Morgan burying Richard and then confessing to Carol that Glenn and Abraham were killed along with Spencer and Olivia, angering and upsetting her. Morgan leaves saying he is going to kill Negan and anyone in his way which is scary, awesome, and sad all in one swoop. Carol is also out for blood, returning to the Kingdom for good and telling Ezekiel they must go to war. Ezekiel agrees, but states not today as they both stop to console and work with Benjamin’s little brother while re-planting the crops they had to burn away. It’s a symbol of rebuilding and the future but we all know the future will have to wait once war comes.

Two quick notes, the chick that was afraid of Shiva was hilarious. Even people that are full-time residents are still afraid of the tiger. Then we get Jerry, our favorite big guy at the Kingdom. He is seen shoveling cobbler and gets to take it with him when they leave, which was great. He does get hit in the skirmish with the Saviors, but aside from a scratch, the big guy is safe for another episode.

The next episode is titled “The Other Side” and from the brief trailer, the Saviors are on the move and headed to Hilltop. This is bad because Daryl is there along with Maggie. We also see Sasha and Rosita and their plan to go after Negan. There are only 3 episodes left in this season so the action and drama will only go up from here.


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