Fear and an SOS

Image result for inside narita airport

It’s all a little daunting.

I’m not afraid to admit, I have some fear. I have never booked any kind of trip like this before, especially to a foreign country. And with the possibility of traveling solo, I have legit fear so I felt it was necessary to put my thoughts into a blog and express what is running through my mind.

For starters, booking something this massive is intimidating. We are talking a foreign country, a different language, lots of days, and thousands of dollars. When I prepare for something, I go above and beyond. I am all about details so when it comes to planning for something like this, its exhausting. Like knowing where all the US Embassies are, knowing if phones and power extensions work in some parts of the country, etc. are all big and little details I have to research. It’s a lot to research, note, and prepare for.

I’ve gone through many pens and legal pads writing notes and I’m just getting started. And with November not far away (time flies, we can all agree), each day becomes a study day.

But the real fear I have is traveling a lone. I have many friends, but getting that kind of time off and/or leaving family (plus spending that kind of money too), I doubt I’ll find a travel companion to ride shotgun with me to Japan unless something changes later this year. Can I do it? Of course, but I would like someone to help me navigate Japan and also enjoy the trip. So if you have ever wanted to travel to Japan, talk to me! Let’s team up! Trust me, travelling with someone would be a lot more fun.

So yeah, the work is going, I am a bit fearful and hoping to run into someone with the same goal as me. The work continues!



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