Top Seven Saddest Moments in Bleach: Number 2

Image result for ichigo vs. grand fisher
Coming in second place is Ichigo’s fight vs. Grand Fisher. This battle is one of the earliest and saddest moments of the series. This one showed how deep Ichigo’s pain really runs.
And sorry this series of blogs got delayed, lots of other blogs had to be published and the last two in this countdown in the series simply got placed on the back-burner.

Grand Fisher is a powerful hollow that according to Rukia has killed over 50 shinigami over the years and was considered one of the most powerful hollows to deal with (Shinigami are not suppose to engage it, instead report to the Captains and fall back). Rukia cries out to Ichigo that he must not fight him, but Ichigo finally comes to grips as to why he must fight this monster.
As a kid, Ichigo’s mother was killed in a bizarre accident and ever since that day Ichigo had blamed himself for it. Ichigo thought he saw a girl standing by the river about to jump in, but after running after her, she disappeared and his mother was dead after Ichigo, who had been knocked out for some reason, came back and saw the horror in front of him. He had blamed himself ever since then, always hating himself for not being able to save her that day and hurting his family because his mom was gone and no longer able to care and bring love to their family. Turns out, it was Grand Fisher that had killed her all those years ago, using that little girl as bait (he is one evil bastard). Talk about one twisted monster.
In this fight, Ichigo can’t win the battle outright, but is able to overcome Grand Fisher’s taunts, even when it uses a doll that looked like his mother, he was able to deal Grand Fisher a huge blow, forcing him to run back to the shadows.
It was sad because you could see the grief and burden Ichigo had carried by himself all those years. The young man had been holding onto that pain for a very long time and is finally able to move past it and find some kind of forgiveness.

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