Manic Monday: Going Japan heavy this week

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Alright, this is going to be a very busy week in terms of Japan research. With the sports blogging down to a single blog post, I have more time for writing and research and Japan needs to get going. I know I have stated in the past I am nervous to book a trip like this solo, I am going to do it. Again, if there is anyone out there that wants to join forces, speak up!

I have narrowed it down to either booking the travel package with American Airlines or through one of the many travel websites (Expedia or Travelocity, they are all about the same in terms of pricing). I have to figure out the best hotel for the best prices and it has to match my needs (that will be in another blog later this week, I hope). I won’t be booking the package this week, but will be determining the hotel and region that will best suit what I want.

It’s been a really long process, but its going to be worth all the work. The Manic Monday is back once again!


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