Reaction: The Walking Dead “The Other Side”

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The Walking Dead aired “The Other Side” last night as we got to see what is happening with the Hilltop group and the suicide mission that Rosita and Sasha are currently on. It was a solid one with just two more episodes left this season. 

(Spoilers and plot break down ahead. You have been warned.)

So there are two stories going on here, one is Hilltop and how the community is rallying behind Maggie and Sasha. They have become the defacto leaders while Gregory sits in his office, drinking and fuming. Daryl is also there, but he seems broken and lost. There is a scene where Maggie brings him food while he sits by himself in the dark.

This is where the other story line of Rosita and Sasha begins as Sasha is caught loading bullets and tells Jesus and Enid that there is no stopping her. She instead tells Enid her job now is to protect Maggie at all costs.

As this all goes down, the Saviors make a sudden stop because as Simon says, they are looking for someone (Daryl) and want to replace Dr. Carson as well since Negan toasted the last one. This forces Maggie and Daryl to find in a basement while Sasha and Rosita head off to take down Negan. Side note, props to Sasha for digging an escape tunnel to get out while the Saviors roll in. That was pretty damn clever. Almost as clever as Gregory talking with Simon about being on board with the Saviors but fearing that his community could turn on him. Simon tells him to come see him if that ever happens and gets what I called a hallpass. He literally writes him a note to hand to a Savior guard that will allow him entry to their base.

So the two big story lines with the Saviors in the Hilltop is one, they take Dr. Carson, which is a big deal for Maggie and the baby. Dr. Carson realizes that his brother did something to get himself killed and leaves without a fight. Gregory allows it and the entire community sees it all go down. The Saviors do leave behind a box full of aspirin which is pretty funny. Second, Maggie and Daryl avoid being caught. Maggie asks Daryl why he is so distant from her and he finally breaks down, feeling guilty he could not save Glenn. He feels like he let her down but Maggie tells him that is not true and they have a nice emotion moment as he begins to realize he does have not have to carry this burden with him.

Later on, Gregory kind of threatens Jesus, so again we are seeing Gregory dig his own leadership grave of Hilltop (which follows the comics).

Back to Sasha and Rosita who make there way to the Saviors base. They are cold to each other with Rosita flat out just needing her to take the shot. We get it, you both loved Abraham, but as Sasha says, shouldn’t they work together more? This cold finally ends once they get to a building overlooking the Saviors hideout as they wait for Negan to show. They finally talk and the ice is broken. They both realize they loved the same man and we learn more about Rosita’s past and how she has lost a lot of people over time but has learned so much, making her a valuable asset (something Sasha states). After Negan appears and goes inside with Dr. Carson and Eugene is spotted directing Savior workers, they realize they will have to sneak inside to kill him, forcing them to attack at night.

They finally attack, taking out a guard and telling Eugene to escape, but he cowers and says he is staying at the disbelief of Sasha and Rosita. He is truly saving his own skin by staying. We then get the dramatic turn as Sasha closes the gate behind her and tells Rosita that its not her time or turn to die yet, leaving her behind as she breaks into the Savior’s base. This was stunning and another heartbreaking moment for Rosita. Sasha is going to die, there is little debate about that, but now Rosita is forced to flee after preparing for her own death. God only knows what that means for her character moving forward.

Next week’s episode is titled “Something They Need” and from the previews, we will see Rick et al. heading to Oceanside to get those guns they need to start their war. Now, Oceanside is not going to just hand them over and that is proven in the previews when we see an explosion (the explosives from the freeway trap) and Oceanside people fleeing. It appears the action will get more intense with just two episodes left this season.


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