My wants for the hotel in Tokyo

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I’ve narrowed it down to three areas for the hotel search: Shibuya, Shinjuku, and now Ginza (yes, the pricey Ginza has made the list because I have found low cost options in that area). Now, when it comes to the actual hotel, I have a few requirements before I will consider one. Here they are. 

First and foremost, good internet is a must. Either wired or wireless, it doesn’t matter, but a solid connection that is reliable is a must. From what I have read, most hotels have this covered.

Never is some kind of restaurant in the hotel. If it only serves breakfast that is fine, but having a close dining option is needed. I know this sounds weird, but what happens if I get sick and am not healthy enough to leave the hotel one day and need something like soup to help recover? Well, a in-house restaurant would help there.

With that said, I want the hotel to be close to restaurants and/or shopping areas. For example, when I pull the address for a hotel, I am not only looking at Trip Advisor and Google ratings (which is another need in a hotel), I am also looking at the area. Are there places that are close to eat and shop? It’s a nice feature to have.

As for the hotel room itself, I want a decent sized room, knowing that most Japanese hotel rooms are small to begin with. I am good with that and will survive. I want the rooms to have AC, a TV, possibly a fridge, and maid service, which again are usually standards. I have looked at some of the APA hotels and from what I gather they seem like a very successful Japanese hotel chain.

One of the last things on the list is I want the hotel to be a decent size, over 100 rooms or so. This means its a frequent for tourist and is known for transport from the airport, whether its from a taxi (expensive!) or the shuttle buses that run all the time. Having a big, well known hotel will be beneficial here.

These are a lot of requirements, but its how I want to roll on this trip. Having creature comforts for a foreign tourist and knowing things are taken care of (services, room cleaning, wifi, etc.) are just peace of mind because I’m a little stressed out about this entire thing. I know the bigger hotels are not as charming as ryokan or even the capsule hotels that make Japan unique, but for me, this is what I am after.

If you have any suggestions that meet these requirements, I’d love to hear from you!


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