Top Seven Saddest Moments in Bleach: Number 1

Image result for rukia kicks ichigo
Here we are, the saddest moment in the Bleach series. Rukia leaving Ichigo to head back to the Soul Society in the beginning of the series. Its tough to watch even after all these years and at first glance, you think Rukia is turning on Ichigo, but instead, she saved his life while giving up hers.

Set the scene, Rukia is leaving Ichigo to return to the Soul Society to face her crimes. Renji and Captain Byakuya are there to take her back and she is not going to resist, she is trying to surrender so Ichigo does not get in trouble (Renji even says he wants to kill the guy that took her powers). However, Ichigo being Ichigo, shows up trying to stop Rukia, but he has no chance. He beats up Renji, but is cut to pieces by Byakuya. I mean, Byakuya cuts his soul chain, something that should end his ability to even fight or see a shinigami and leaves him bleeding out. While all this is going on, Rukia can only sit, cry out, and watch as her friend is taken down and left bleeding out.
Rukia is about to leave, but Ichigo is still able to reach out and grab Byakuya, trying to stop him. This stuns everyone and Byakuya is about to end his life until Rukia kicks Ichigo’s hand away. She tells him he is not worthy to even tough her brother and the says she is ready to head home.
It seems cold, but what Rukia did was save Ichigo’s life and he knew it. Ichigo realizes she made another sacrifice and saved him again. So there is Ichigo, saved again, unable to save anyone anymore, and left bleeding out in the street as the rain pours. He watches Rukia go through the gate, knowing she is going to die but saved his life once again in her final actions. Ichigo he says he feels cold, not just from being close to death, but because again, having to rely on someone. At that stage Ichigo is about to just give up, he is a step away from death until Urahara shows up (like he always does).
So there we go, the saddest moments in the Bleach series (in my eyes). With this last blog post, I am probably done for good talking about my beloved series. The series has been over for some time, nothing new to talk about and I have covered so many characters and moments, I think I have hit on some of the biggest ones. The only thing left for this series is some kind of live action film being developed over in Japan. The series itself is probably gone for good which still makes me sad.
With that, thanks for following the Bleach blogs on the site for all these years.

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