TBT: Where the Japan trip started

Image result for old usf marshall center

This takes me back.

So where did this Japan trip all start? Well, this thing goes all the way back to college in my freshman year with my hometown friend. Both of us wanted to visit Japan so we started planning the best we could for two college kids with no spending money and late to classes all the time. Yeah, we were truly invested (sarcasm here) in the trip (we had no idea what the hell we were doing).

I remember going to the USF Marshall Center, the old MC, the one with the basement (yeah, I’m old) and sitting down in the student travel agency that was actually housed there. If there is anyone old enough to remember that, there was a little office inside the MC with this agency sitting in there (it was on the opposite side of the restaurants).

The two of us actually went into this office and sat down, getting some paperwork on what it would cost for Japan. I remember seeing the numbers and it hitting me, we had no way to make this happen (we were poor college students that would use every penny for fast food). We talked to the agent, said we would think about it, and then left, heading back to class, knowing the trip would not happen at this stage of our lives. It was a fun idea, a great one actually, but it just never came to be.

So as I continue to work on this insane trip, this is where it all started. This time around my friend won’t be part of this (married, has a kid, stuff called life), so that is a change and there is no student travel agency to go anymore (can’t remember what is was called). It’s always fun to look back at where this insane idea all began.


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